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We are based in Coral Springs and Boca Raton and work with clients from around the country. We provide the highest quality SMP work at the lowest prices in the S. Florida area. Our artists were trained by a master smp artist with over a decade of experience who has also trained hundreds of new smp artists around the globe.

What is SMP? Is it a tattoo?

SMP (scalp micropigmentation) is a process that applies pigment to the scalp for the purpose of concealing hair loss. While it is similar to a tattoo it is also different in several ways:

First, SMP uses organic, vegan pigment which is different than tattoo ink. This pigment keeps its color- it does not turn blue over time like tattoo ink. The process of applying the pigment is also different- this pigment is deposited into the scalp one dot at a time meaning there is no "dragging" of a needle across the skin. Another difference is that the proper way to perform SMP on a client is in layers. Typically this will consist of 3 sessions where the pigment is deposited across the entire target area in a not-so-dense pattern. Then after 7-10 days that pigment has settled into the scalp and it's time for the second session which adds more dots and density. And there there is often a third or sometimes fourth session that works the same way. 

Performing the SMP process in this way creates an amazingly realistic result where the dots from each session differ slightly- much like real hair follicles.

Man preforming scalp micropigmentation


  • Bald Spot Concealment

  • Hairline Restoration

  • Scar Concealment

  • Scalp Darkening (for clients with a full head of thin hair)

  • Facial Pigmentation
    (for clients who have facial hair with bald areas)

  • SMP Repair (for clients who had bad SMP work done previously)

  • and best of all CONFIDENCE RESTORATION!

All of our clients leave our studio with a new level of confidence!
Just the thought of having their hairloss concealed is exciting, but when the job is done
and the result is practically flawless it is often a very emotional moment for our clients-  and for us...

If you are considering SMP we encourage you to browse our site to learn more about us, see our scalp micropigmentation before and after photos and learn about our specials and referral program. And of course feel free to contact us anytime with any questions or to schedule a free consultation so we can discuss and evaluate your SMP options..

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